Peter Florrick is the Candidates for President of The United The State of America , husband of Alicia Florrick,


Peter is the son of Jackie Florrick and her late husband, an Illinois state judge. He is the father of two children with his wife Alicia, Zach and Grace.

He was the State's Attorney, however he was accused of hiring prostitutes with the State budget. His opposition, Glenn Childs leaked a sex tape of him and a prostitute named Amber Madison. Peter was forced to resign, his wife Alicia was humiliated and Peter had to spend 10 months in jail. One time when Alicia and Peter were having sex before the sex scandal, Peter stopped to take a phone call from Amber Madison. As he and his legal team came closer to their appeal, his lawyer started sending Alicia gifts that she rejected. Eventually, the legal team realized that their only choice was to have Alicia testify at Peter's appeal.

While working on the case of a six year death row inmate named Clarence Wilcox, Alicia realized that she needed to have a conjugal visit with Peter to get information, he slept on the floor. Alicia was unprepared when she was asked to testify on Peter's behalf. Peter did not make bail. He and his legal team soon found out that his prostitute was causing a problem because she was writing a book. Alicia came to see Peter and told him that his prostitute had called her office, she told him to make her stop. Peter confronted Amber saying that he would hurt her if she did not stop writing her book. Alicia found out from a partner at her firm that a bunch of people made a bet and were trying to cover it up. The courts weren't ever going to let Peter out of jail. Alicia walked into Peter's office and kissed him.

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Alicia's boss and also in love with Alicia Florrick. Sour relationship.

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Peter is played by Chris Noth, who is best known as "Mr. Big" on the HBO series Sex and the City and Mike Logan in Law and order, Law and order criminal intent. His character was partly inspired by the Eliot Spitzer prostitution scandal, as well as by other prominent American political sex scandals, particularly those of John Edwards and Bill Clinton.


  • His name was supposedly "David Follick" in the original script for the Pilot.

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